Lathrop & Rutledge, P.C.
Lathrop & Rutledge, P.C.

Litigation Services

Lathrop & Rutledge, P.C., has been privileged to practice in a broad range of civil litigation. The firm represents professionals, insurance companies, corporations, and individuals in the areas of professional liability, products liability, personal injury, employment, commercial litigation, and general civil litigation. The firm has the experience and resources available to handle complex litigation. The firm routinely represents clients in cases that involve complicated medical and scientific issues, many of which involve extensive document management. We believe that we can provide exceptional service to those clients who must be involved in litigation.

Professional Liability

In recent years, Lathrop and Rutledge, P.C., has devoted a substantial portion of its practice to professional liability defense. The firm regularly represents physicians, hospitals, chiropractors, architects, engineers, and lawyers in malpractice cases.

Products Liability

Lathrop & Rutledge, P.C., has defended manufacturers in a wide variety of products liability lawsuits involving consumer goods, construction and industrial equipment, aircraft, medical devices, and prescription drugs.

Personal Injury

The firm has represented individuals and corporations in personal injury litigation, including oil field accidents, automobile and truck accidents, construction accidents, industrial accidents, recreational accidents, premises liability, asbestos litigation, and toxic tort claims.


Members of the firm have extensive experience prosecuting and defending employment claims, including claims made under the Americans with Disabilities Act and discrimination claims made pursuant to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Commercial Litigation

Lathrop & Rutledge, P.C., have represented clients in a wide variety of commercial litigation, including construction litigation, and commercial contract disputes. The firm has the resources and experience necessary to handle even the most complex commercial litigation.

General Civil Litigation

The firm also represents clients in diverse litigation matters. Members of the firm have handled cases involving water law, interstate compacts, livestock transactions, real estate transactions, landowner disputes, elevator accidents, nursing home accidents, and more.

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